Polysporin and similar ointments are NOT for piercings

When I look at the search terms that have brought people to our website I see something to do with “Polysporin” ointment at least once a week, sometimes daily!

Polysporin says on the tube “not for puncture wounds”.  An ointment is not water-based, so once it gets into the piercing channel it is very difficult to rinse it out in the shower.  Instead the ointment can actually cover your new cells and smother them.  Because your new cells will not be able to get oxygen they may die, and these dead cells may make it more likely to get an infection in your piercing.  In this way, Polysporin could actually contribute to an infection in a piercing.

If you have a true infection, Polysporin will not cure it.  Polysporin is properly used on topical wounds (not piercings) to prevent bacteria from entering the wound.  Polysporin is a simply a barrier to bacteria.  If you believe you have a true infection, please see your doctor and your piercer, and stay away from Polysporin!

For an excellent resource for identifying piercing problems please read : https://www.safepiercing.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/Troubleshooting_Web.pdf

I’m a piercer, not a doctor.  This information is comes from my experience piercing professionally for over 15 years.  Please do not misinterpret my advice for medical advice!

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