My castle is your castle

We’ve recently had a couple of opportunities to share our space at Skin Decision Truro with our community!

We held a bouncing after party for Black Buffalo Records during Nova Scotia Music Week! Lxvndr warmed us up and we became instant fans! She’s SO talented! Fatt Matt was super rad, what a treat to have him in our little shop! Then the Drunken Arseholes, made up of Truro local DJ Moves and rapper Cee blew our minds and entertained us into the wee hours.

Two nights later, Black Buffalo’s Aquasocks won Hip Hop artist of the year at the awards show!

Then Monday December 9, Sam Madore’s Women’s Social Network hosted one of their fun events in our front room! It felt so good to have so many wonderful women in attendance, and I couldn’t help but feel grateful to have gotten to know so many of them.

Sam herself. A favourite to chat with at networking events, I’ve always felt tremendous support from this event organizer and mental health advocate.

Margaret, Truro Farmer’s Market manager and mother to my daughter’s bestie. Also my classmate, book club mate, and advisor on many subjects!

Vonda, owner of Noveltea. Also a book club mate & classmate. And owner of my favourite wardrobe!

Nancy, interior designer, who just painted my kitchen island turquoise!

Alicia, tattooer and Truro Buzz woman! She took the opportunity to speak to Olivia about starting her journey to update all her earrings!

Michelle, who helped me at the BDC, and brought the loveliest gift for our gift drive! (I wouldn’t usually play favourites, but this weighted blanket is gorgeous!)

Krista & Erin from Future Worx, two women who never miss a chance to support our community. They are always so fun to laugh with at events, I often gravitate toward them.

And there were many more in attendance as well. Women I know, and women I hope to.

It was a great way to wrap up the year, and I’m now thinking of ways we might be able to share our space in the new year!