Grit & Gold

Our two studios have been closed since March 19.  I’m not going to pretend there haven’t been many heart breaking moments since then.  Oof.

Moving our jewelry and valuables away was surreal.  We bring it in, but our clients are the ones that should be taking it away!  Final elbow bumps with employees, even more sad. I really want to keep paying their benefits throughout our closure.  Despite no longer being on payroll, they remain present for our clients and each other. They’re all such good and beautiful people.

SD family BBQ -last summer

We’ve had a space online for clients to buy body jewelry for awhile, and now was the time to rebuild on a more robust platform. I hopped onto that project and will admit I may have got into a few yelling matches with my laptop. Now, it’s here, and it’s pretty alright! I do have more work to do, especially to make it even easier to find things.

Clients have been amazing.  They’ve been making their jewelry purchases online, they’ve been ordering gift cards to use later, they’ve been sending us kind words of strength and empathy.

I know they’re worried about us.  I’m a little worried too. But then I was worried when we opened our second shop. Thinking it would be like when we opened the first one.  It wasn’t. We’d learned so much in the intervening 11 years. And we had so many more people in our corner. And now we have you. You, reading this blog.  Letting us know, we’re not alone!  

We’re still connected, and don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere!

When DJ and I opened up Skin Decision in Truro in 2006, we dreamed of bringing world class jewelry and piercings to Nova Scotia. We had big dreams but we didn’t have much else.  I’ll never forget the night before we opened, 1am, sick from paint fumes and exhaustion, and the sink didn’t fit in the hole in the counter. Eventually DJ took the sink and the counter outside.  And proceded to beat the sink into the hole with brute force and determination. Blood, sweat, and tears isn’t metaphorical. We opened that little shop with a display case the size of a piece of printer paper.

For the last 14 years we’ve poured our hearts and more into the “Little Shop that Could”.  We survived economic downturns, shysters disguised as marketers, and con artists of all persuasions. We put everything back into our business. One day we looked around and instead of that tiny showcase we had huge displays full of gold. Instead of only having each other to lean on, we had a beautiful team. We kept on growing.

That old sink has long since been replaced, but I’ll never forget it.

 This isn’t the end my friends.  It’s a change. But it’s one we’re going to get through.  Together.