The Why that Makes Me Cry

Like many people, I’ve been using my extra time at home to refocus on what’s most important to me.  As part of that, I am following along with Simon Sinek’s online bookclub for his best seller “Start with Why”.  I was first introduced to Sinek’s concept of ‘Why’ by Colchester leadership guru Debbie Lawrence, in a class where she helped each of us students to find “the why that makes you cry”.

simonbookclubThrough her skillful questioning (and perhaps, it is suspected, some wizardry), Lawrence pulled the why, often with some tears, from each of us.

Just as Sinek states that your why will cause you to have a lump in your throat, and tears to well up, when my why was revealed, my eyes ran over.  It’s a why rooted in a little child who was the only girl on the baseball team.  Who was the youngest kid at Brownies, and excluded because of it.  A kid who wiped out on the slide, and the ski hill, in ways no one had ever seen before.  Who insisted she was the Pink Panther, and therefore male, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Who wore mismatched socks in high school, just to be different (ah, the 80s).  Just a weird kid, marching to a weird drum.

Not satisfied though, in marching to my own drum, I want everyone else to march to their own drum too.  I’ve always been the friend you call to help you justify doing the thing you want to do.  I mean duh, you want to do it!  Seriously: if you want to leave your relationship, start a new career, or go skydiving I’ll back you up.  And of course, if you want to dye your hair or get a piercing, I’m about it.  Do what you’re called to do with your ephemeral form.  Express yourself.  Be You.

That’s my why, in two little words: Be You.

Through Skin Decision we are able to help people be themselves just a little bit more.  Our team members truly want to help each client be their own authentic self.  To get to know you, to help you select pieces that speak to you and of you.  It’s an art, it’s a skill, and maybe, a little of our own wizardry.

The real magic is when the client looks in the mirror. When they see themselves as they had imagined, now made real.  From the 6 year old with new opal ear piercings, to the 80 year old with a diamond on her nose.  That look is the why that I will cry about every single time.

Be you friends.  Be you!