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 Some of things people are saying about Skin Decision:
From Melanie:
We were met by Olivia who was awesome, she took the time and showed us the jewelry gave her opinion what would look nice and most importantly gave us the time.  After we picked out what we wanted she went back to sanitize the jewelry.  While we waited we sat in the waiting area , and your studio is just amazing, it’s clean, it’s bright , it’s professional.  Olivia was so knowledgeable on everything and her personality was just fun .  What an awesome person all around.  She did an awesome job on all our piercings, and we couldn’t have asked for a better first experience.
 From Sara:
“I popped over to Truro after booking an appointment to get my nipples pierced by Julie. I had a great experience! I was so afraid of it possibly hurting, and I’m reasonably modest. I was afraid of being judged and felt very shy about exposing such a private part of my body to someone, but Julie made me feel so comfortable about my body just as it is. I walked in feeling insecure, and left feeling confident! I had always wondered about getting my nipples pierced, and after having that experience I love the outcome. I feel great about the experience – the professionalism of the staff overall and the kindness they showed me. I felt very welcome there, and feel great about my visit. I will be a returning customer for sure. Thanks again Julie. It meant more than you know. I feel happy 🙂
From Kale:
“Skin Decision is a fantastic art establishment. They are immaculately clean, and their artists are highly qualified, and produce amazing and detailed art. They also have a brilliant piercer at their establishment. They are dedicated to producing the best ink and piercing results. They are and will be my place to go for new ink.”
From Ashley:
“I have to say that Skin Decision is the best place in Nova Scotia to get either pierced or tattooed, I’ve gotten all three of my piercings from their (nose, centre labret & my monroe recently) I couldn’t imagine getting pierced anywhere else ! All my piercings have healed perfect and they look great, Skin Decision is a great shop!”
From Ms. Hudson:
“Skin Decision is such an awesome piercing and tattoo shop! They are very clean, professional and friendly!! My experiences there have always been wonderful and I will always go back because of their great customer service and amazing deals!”
From: Kristin:
“I just wanted to thank Chris for my tattoo he did yesterday, it turned out better than I could have hoped for and I am proud to have this in my skin. Thanks again!!!!”
From: Wanda
“I decided to get my belly button pierced to make me feel young again. lol  Thank you Julie for making my experience painless, fast and safe. It is looking good now and does not bother me and it looks really sexy even with the extra tummy bulge. I recommend Julie and Skin Decision Piercing & Tattoo Studio for your next or 1st piercing. She’s a really great person and cares about her customers.”
From: S
“I had to write this and tell you what an awesome set of guys you have working at your shop. I took my son in yesterday to get his memorial tattoo. From the minute we walked in the door it was as if we were home. I laughed so hard during my son’s process I honestly nearly peed myself. The artists were effing fantastic.  My son is now hooked. lol. The tattoo turned out beautiful.  My son and I have had a tough time over the last year and some. Yesterday was just him and I, I have 3 kids. We both had a great day with each other. I thank you for having a part in that.”
From: Erica
“The service is great! Everyone is so friendly and so awesome at what they do that now I go back almost every other week to get something new done for either myself or one of my three friends that feel the same way. Walking into Skin Decision, regardless of the day we’ve had, makes everything better.
From: Akeem
“My experience at the shop with Chris was one of the best I’ve had in the past year. I immediately felt that I was in an environment that I could ‘Relax’ in.  I already have another idea for my second tattoo and would like to have it done by Chris for many reasons!
From: Sandra
“Any one that wants a friendly place to go get a tattoo or a piercing done i would recommend that you go here to Skin Decision. I have never felt so at home or at ease about getting anything done until I went there to get my piercings done. I love how they make you feel at ease when you walk through their doors.
From: Tammy
The whole family goes here, awesome place!!
From: Katie
“I definitely recommend Skin Decision. The staff is friendly and efficient. They supply enough information about how to keep care of whatever body art you got while there. They are awesome!
From: Dawna
“I have gotten both tattoos and piercings done at Skin Decision. It is my favourite shop which is why I will not get any work done elsewhere. I have had nothing but great experiences with their friendly and courteous staff. They get an A+ in my books!”
From: Tim Tucker, Executive Director, Truro and District Chamber of Commerce
” I was in a meeting today with several other community based groups and we were discussing the importance of customer service. One of the participants mentioned that his son was looking to get his eyebrow pierced and had contacted several piercing places electronically asking some questions. Skin Decision was the only one to respond in a timely manner and the correspondence continued until he decided to go with Skin Decision for his piercing. That’s customer service at work and several businesses could take an example from that! Just thought I’d pass that along. He and his son were quite pleased with the treatment they received.”
From: Josh
“I came out to the east coast for a vacation to visit my sweetheart during her reading week in late February 2011, I had to spend the first day of my trip in Truro because of my girlfriend doing some thesis work at the women’s prison. After taking the quick tour of Truro I came across this little tattoo shop nestled into the corner of an intersection. I decided to walk in and check the place out. I walk in to find easily one of the biggest tattoo artists i have ever seen, Deejay and started talking to him about the shop and about a couple ideas I had for tattoos. He was awesome explaining everything working with me with my ideas and then tossing in some of his.  (The most easy going yet professional owner I have ever met!). After an hour zoomed by and I still wasn’t to sure on what to get I left to pick up “the wife”. The rest of the week I couldn’t stop thinking about getting a tattoo, and with a weekend in the Hali planned i figured i would just get work done in the city. I then said to myself “hell no” go pull off the hwy and come to the shop in Truro for some strange reason the shop made an impression on me. I called in Dee-jay had remembered me and I talked to him and set up my appointment. The Saturday of my tattoo was easily in the top 10 days of my life, Deejay , Julie , Chris and Lily made us feel right at home and treated my girlfriend and I like we were there #1 customers. Chris was an amazing artist who worked really close with me on my ideas for my Guinness harp but also tossed in a lot of his own ideas which just made the tattoo look like the Mona Lisa of Guinness harps! Getting a tattoo on the inside of your bicep does suck i won’t lie but you guys made those 5 hours fly by and made for easily the best tattoo experience I have ever and will ever had! Sharing stories , telling jokes , getting told by a 12 year old how it is the up most importance to her to get a nose ring haha is what made our trip to SD so awesome. At First I thought it was a cool looking shop with great art and a cool look about it. After we left I had realized that It wasnt the shop but the people working/ running the shop which made it such an amazing experience! I may be from Fergus , Ontario but I have no problem telling people when they ask “where’s a good place to get a tattoo” I’ll point to the east and say “Skin Decision in Truro , Nova Scotia, Ask for Dee-jay or Julie!’
Dee-jay , Julie , Chris and Lily, thanks again for an amazing time , and I promise i will be coming back to you guys to finish off the remainder of my half sleeve!  It’s awesome to see people in this line of work that are doing it for all the right reasons, and because it’s something they have a passion and love for! You guys kick Ass!!”
From Manda:
“Had my trag pierced by the lovely Julie Taylor – her and the rest of the staff are amazing – love the piercing, can’t wait to get the other done ;)”